Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HD Conversion Update- Control Room Operational! 9/27/11

Stadium seating! In the above picture, you are sitting in the new audio booth of the new HD Control Room at KAIT! You are looking through some glass and the next row is where the Producers sit. In front of the producers would be where the Director sits during the newscast. Lots and lots of monitors, to monitor live feeds, other stations, storm chase feeds, live shots, and Judge Judy.;)
In the above picture, you can see one of our directors during Region 8 News at 10:00 last night. This is where all of the buttons are pushed to show you video of the day's news!

They are in the process of building the new set now and the new Storm Center is at least 5 times larger than the old storm center! Fun times at KAIT! I can't wait until you guys see it!

Stay tuned for more updates,

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