Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Update, Tornado Threat 1/22/12

While you were sleeping, the Storm Prediction Center issued a Moderate Risk for severe weather across parts of Region 8. The above image is the TORNADO risk. The greatest risk is in Eastern AR, West TN, and North MS. The scariest part of this possible outbreak, is that the tornado risk will be at night. Make sure you have a way to wake up if there is a tornado warning. Weather radios, FREE Severe weather text messages from, or another App. DO NOT DEPEND ON OUTDOOR TORNADO SIRENS! They are for outdoor use!
The latest data seen above is the RUC data. It shows sufficient lift, shear and instability to support tornadoes. It shows the worst weather to occur overnight when many are sleeping. Overnight tornadoes are one of the reasons that the area highlighted in the Moderate Risk has the highest death rate in tornadoes! Let's change those statistics!

Don't panic, just be prepared!

I'm heading to Church and then to work. I'll be keeping you posted via Twitter (@ryanvaughan) and on air.



Charlene said...

Thanks Ryan,a weather radio is the best invention man ever made.Yes it gets monotanous but IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Anonymous said...

We appreciate your devotion to our safety.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan! We are watching and listening! Appreciate all you do! It may be a late night for you for sure!