Thursday, March 01, 2012

Severe Weather Outbreak, Friday March 2.

Sadly, it appears that March 2, 2012 will go down as a historical day for tornadoes. I hope we are wrong, but it surely looks like a rough day as of now. Fortunately, the bulk of it may be East of our viewing area, but we still need to be on our toes starting TONIGHT. The above image is the Severe WX outlook for tomorrow (Friday). Notice, the greatest risk is from Cincinnati to Nashville to Tupelo. But, let's not jump ahead of ourselves. We will have to watch TONIGHT, too. Here's the severe weather outlook for tonight. Click the image to enlarge:
 Here's a graph of the data that shows the peak times of instability. This is the NAM model from this morning. While I initially thought that we only had to worry about hail tonight, I'm not going to rule out tornadoes.

MAKE sure you have a way for a warning to wake you up in the middle of the night!!! Get a weather radio OR sign up to get FREE text messages of warnings in Region 8. Here's the link to sign up. Use a desktop or laptop to register:

Be safe and keep up with updates on my Twitter feed at @ryanvaughan


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you are the bomdiggidee, ryan! thanks for the heads up!!