Friday, May 11, 2012

Snow on May 11, 1955? Nope.

In the storm center, we have a clipboard that shows the climate records for Jonesboro. When I glanced at today's records, I noticed that under the record snowfall, it said "Trace". Being that we are well into May, I thought that was odd! Therefore, I pulled the climate log from May 11, 1955.

I was quickly reminded that if HAIL falls at the observation site, it is logged as snow. That does not make much sense to me, but that's why there is a "trace" of snow on the record books for May 11th.

If you click on the climate log above, you will be able to see that it stormed on the evening of May 10th (see comments section). Since the storm hit after that observation time, the hail was logged on May 11th. In case you did not know, the weather records in 1955 were logged from the Convent down the hill from KAIT. I wonder if the nuns would be willing to storm chase for us these days? I'll make a call!



Jacob Darby said...

you be dumb. really.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are the dumb one. There was nothing dumb on this page until you showed up.

Anonymous said...

Have you lost weight?

Ryan said...

Yes, I have lost weight. Hopefully I keep it off!