Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot! Relief Tomorrow? Briefly.

It never fails, it's hotter than hot on the day of the Triple Swing Golf Scramble for St. Bernards. Here's the good news though... I'm not playing this year. I say that jokingly, because I always have a great time despite the heat. With that said, I need the extra time to get back into the swing of things at work and forecasting! Vacation was great, but getting back into a routine is tough! Let's talk weather though! The map below shows the HOT areas. The areas in dark maroon and purple have a chance to go into the 100s today! 
While it will be hot today, we may get a little relief tomorrow (Tuesday). Most cold fronts in our area come from the Northwest, but every now and then, one will nudge in from the northEAST. We call these fronts "Backdoor Cold Fronts". We may see one of these tonight! This will BRIEFLY give us some relief from the heat tomorrow, but sadly no rain. Here's a temperature graph showing what the models have on their output:
If you notice, it is HOT today... a little relief tomorrow... and then the temperatures start heading up again. The cold front that is coming in will be washing out or dying as it moves south. We have our Hays Backyard BBQ tomorrow, so I'm glad to see this tiny break from the heat. In addition to a little help from the temperatures, the dewpoints will be lower which will allow for less muggy air. Also, if you look at this graphic, there should also be a little breeze for us in Wynne!
It's almost like we planned a little relief, just for the BBQ!

Join us tonight on Region 8 News at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 as we discuss how badly we need rain. We may even look back at 1980 sometime this week.


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Anonymous said...

I guess i can expect it to be 90+ in my mobile home when i get home today..
and thats with the air set at 65. Mobile homes stink to live in during the summer. Any suggestions on how to help it stay cooler in there?