Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here Comes Isaac

The latest data shows that Region 8 may get a little more rain from Isaac due to a slightly more easterly track. This map is a pretty solid projection on the rainfall we may see in Region 8 over the next 3 days:

The latest forecast path from the National Hurricane Center still appears farther west than I think Isaac will go... Regardless, we are going to be impacted. Here's the 10am outlook:
So, yes we will see rain. Yes, we will see some wind (20-30 mph), but when will it come in? We already have it entering the southern parts of Region 8 along I 40 at noon. I expect the rain to overspread Region 8 between now and 10 PM and may stick around through Saturday.

If you have football games or practices tonight and tomorrow, plan for rain. Take ponchos. Tropical systems do not have a lot of lightning, so these games will probably go on unless we start seeing a lot of tornado warnings. We could have some sloppy ball games!

As with any tropical storm system, there is a risk of weak tornadoes. The threat for tornadoes increases tonight and will exist all day tomorrow.

I am off today. I scheduled this vacation day a few weeks back to spend time with family and to help with my son's football team. Practice may be wet!!! If we start seeing lots of tornado warnings or flooding problems, I will be going into the Storm Center with B-Mac (Bryan McCormick). Hopefully, we have a quiet and steady rainfall.

I hope this answers all of your questions! Stay aware! I can't stress enough that the fastest updates come from our Twitter feeds! Follow @ryanvaughan and @Region8News for updates!


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