Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Day is tomorrow!

Election day is tomorrow and that is always a big day for the newsies in the newsroom. They are running around all over the place. Everyone is on duty. We have more live shots than any other day of the year, and it all culminates to a big election night show at 10:00 to say who won, who loss, and what races are too close to call.

As the weather guy, I don't have much of a roll. I try to help where I can, but this is a news night. Typically, it is not a weather night. The weather looks like it will be tranquil, unlike an election night in February of 2008. On that Super Tuesday, weather overtook the election coverage. I was so proud of our management that night! They realized that weather is far more important than an election because it threatened lives. They threw out the election coverage and let us cover weather! Here's a look at that coverage on election day Feb 2008:

Thankfully, tomorrow will NOT be like Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday was a very scary day in Arkansas. People in our viewing area lost loved ones, lost their homes and businesses, and it impacted their lives so great that the scars will be there for years. Every time I drive past the damage path, which is still evident, I think about this night.

Tomorrow, weather is not an issue! In fact, I hope to take in some of my oldest son's basketball game on dinner break. Through the day and night though, I'm going to give you a "behind the scenes" look at the newsroom and maybe even some of the live shots. Follow my feed on Twitter at @ryanvaughan

I encourage everyone to GO VOTE tomorrow and then turn to Region 8 News for the results tomorrow night! What LOCAL elections are you most interested in??? Comment in the comments section.

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