Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Game Day Forecasts

Doing a forecast for an important game is always difficult. On one hand, you do not want people to be deterred from going to a game because of the weather. On the other hand, you want them to be prepared in case it rains. This weekend is one of those weekends.

ASU has a big game against MTSU on Saturday. Everyone wants a sellout crowd, and that is somewhat determined by the weather. Regardless of what I say in my forecast, the weather is going to do what is it is going to do. With that said, people sometimes get angry with me if I have rain in the forecast, even if it is only a 20% chance.

Here's the deal, if the data is suggesting that there is a "chance" of rain, I am not going to hide that from the forecast in order to boost a crowd.

Let's keep things in perspective though. It is only a 20% chance of rain! As of now, that means there is an 80% chance of no rain. Heck, with the temperatures in the 60s, this is some of the best weather you can get for a December game.

AnyWho, that is my rant for the day.


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