Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Past

I love Christmas. I like presents, trees, the reminder of the birth of Christ, eggnog creamer for coffee, cookies, and family gatherings. I'm not a big fan of Santa, but I we'll save that for you to judge for some other day.

During the Christmas season, I always tend to look at the past. Looking back at old blog posts really bring back some memories! Here are some of my favorites:
As we go through the Christmas season, try to enjoy it. It's not a time to stress out about how to pay for gifts. It's not a time to spoil your kids. It's not a time to be annoyed by family. It's not a time to try to impress friends by how charitable you are this year. (I'm guilty of all at some point in my life)....

It's a time to reflect on the gift from God. It's a time to appreciate the life of Jesus. Everything else should naturally fall into place based on those principles. If it is not glorifying Jesus, it's probably not right.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Christmas!


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