Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Snow, Wednesday PM Update

I have adjusted the map a little this afternoon. As I mentioned, this is a very tricky forecast and you will see many different forecasts out there. That's how tricky forecasts typically unfold. Our forecast is probably lower than many, but I think it is going to be tough to get this snow to accumulate. It's a late season snow, it's a wet snow, it will melt fast, and will compact easily. There are many variables against a huge snowfall, but if the cold air and moisture are there... it "could" be a little more than our current forecast.

Today's snowfall map (above) was adjusted to bring the possible accumulations a little farther south and east. I also adjusted the numbers to reflect the possiblity of 3" in the white areas. With that said, LOOK AT THE LOWER NUMBERS, TOO! Far too often, we forecast 1-3" and people only see 3". If you took the lower end of our current forecast, the highest amount for the entire area would be 3". Remember that. ;)

So, now we wait and see. Only a couple more model runs will come in before it arrives. Let's see what happens! Fun times.


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Steven emrich said...

I'm like you, little late in the tear for much to stickgroubd is pretty warm right now.