Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Look Back At April 10, 2013

The above image was at 4:30 PM, when a tornado was confirmed SW of Clinton. Judging by the pics, it was a monster storm. That storm barely clipped Region 8, but a second area of rotation caused more of an issue. It formed just SE of this area about an hour or so later. Here are some pics sent to us of Damage from Horseshoe Bend from Holly Whitworth... I'm sure the NWS will be surveying this tomorrow.
So far, we have not heard of any injuries. I hope that stays true. It's amazing how fortunate Region 8 has been lately. We can rebuild, we can clean up, and we replant trees. Having injuries and deaths are tough to recover from.

The storms are still moving out of Region 8, but they are not nearly as dangerous as they were earlier today. Sleep well tonight, everyone!


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