Monday, April 22, 2013

Region 8 Fishing Forecast

I recently talked with a gentleman in Walnut Ridge about fishing. He told me that the feeding activity of fish is largely dependent on the barometric pressure. I studied up on the subject and found out that many people believe this theory and that it's been studied enough to have thresholds on Poor, Good, and Great fishing activity. It's such a well-taken theory that many sporting goods stores sell fishing barometers like this one:
So, I took this information and made a special graphic and colortable. Next, I made a legend for the viewer. Lastly, I took the forecast pressure data for the next 48 hours, mapped and animated it to the new color table and this is what I got... 

The fishing forecast tonight was pretty good...

It's is expected to take a little dip tomorrow afternoon and evening...

But, by Wednesday, it goes back up and looks good all day on Wednesday!

So, here's my question. Is this something that people are interested in seeing? Is it worth the 30-45 seconds during my 3 minutes of weather? Should I only show it on Thursday and Friday? Or, is it worthless?

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