Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Caraway Tornado Coverage

I often go back and look at our coverage after a tornado hits Region 8. On Halloween night, 1 tornado hit in Arkansas and at least 5 hit in Southeast Missouri. The tornadoes in SEMO started around 6:30 or so and Bryan McCormick covered them extensively, even when they did not have tornado warnings. The Caraway tornado hit around 7:40. I wish there had been more of a lead time on the warning, but the storm formed rapidly and quickly moved into the city. Shortly before the warning, Justin Logan spotted the rotation west of the city. That helped us to be on air as the warning was issued and the sirens were sounding. Here's the first 1:30 of our coverage as the tornado was coming into Caraway. I'm not sure if you can tell by my voice, but I was trying to stay calm... despite being very concerned about the people of Caraway. Here's the clip:
I'm so glad that we did not have anyone hurt in Caraway. With so many kids running the streets, we could have seen a horrible situation. It rained for about 7 minutes before the tornado hit. I think the heavy rain drove people indoors and saved a lot of lives.

The weather is going to be quiet for the next few days. Enjoy it!



Brian Tritch said...

I can't see the video.. Maybe it's just my phone..

Unknown said...

Ryan, I think you did the best you could do. That one kinda snuck up on all of us. Keep up the good work brotha

Brian Tritch said...

Agreed Eddie!

Anonymous said...


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Y'all did the best you could do with the information you had at the time, Ryan. This one formed and dropped so fast that even the NWS barely got the warning out before it hit. Y'all were on the air giving us all the information you could and I'm sure you saved some from injury at the least, and possibly even lives.

Thank you to all the weather team for all you do to try to keep us informed and weather safe, it's appreciated more than we can ever express.

Diane in Bay, AR

Unknown said...

Thank You Ryan and all of you at KAIT8 for doing your best to keep us safe. I am so thankful that everyone is ok and praying for damaged homes to be repaired/replaced quickly.