Thursday, December 05, 2013

Winter Storm Update, 12/5

I'm going to make this update as simple as possible to avoid confusion. Here are the bullet points at 8:30 am on Thursday morning:

  • We already have some areas in Region 8 at or below freezing. 
  • The freezing line will move from the NW to the SE through the day.
  • Precipitation will increase through the day.
  • Once you hit 32 or below, the rain will be considered freezing rain.
  • Tonight and Friday is when the precipitation accumulates.
  • Freezing rain and sleet at the start.
  • Many areas switch to all sleet between 3-7 am Friday morning.
  • Many areas switch to snow by lunchtime on Friday.
  • I have no idea if you will lose power or if your kids will go to school. LOL :)
  • This is a bad storm, but not as bad as 2009 because we should switch to sleet.
  • Another round comes on Sunday and looks like it will be freezing rain.
  • The coldest air in over a decade comes in next week.
Here's a map of the POSSIBLE accumulations. Look at the low end and high end of the range:

I will update you through the day on Twitter at @ryanvaughan and will try to update the blog later today. Have a great day!



Unknown said...

I have a "stupid" question. When it says for example, 1" ice, 2" sleet, and 3" snow, does that mean we will be 6 inches deep in wintery mix?

Anonymous said...

While I truly appreciate your effort to provide us with information in your blog, it seems Inappropriate to insert an 'LOL/smiley face', following your comment regarding uncertainty of power outages and kids' school closings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous he probley gets tired of people asking if they will loose power and if kids will go to school. He is the weatherman and has no control over school of the power. Give him a break.