Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UPDATED Snowfall Forecast!

In typical Region 8 style, we are going to be right on the rain/snow line. Some areas are going to see NONE, while others see 2-4". Across a single county, there will likely be wide gradient of snow amounts. Here are my thoughts at 4:30 PM on Tuesday 2/23/16:
  • We are nudging the accumulation amounts eastward to include Jonesboro.
  • Winter Weather Advisories have been posted from the NWS.
  • Notice that the map says "POSSIBLE" accumulations. We are not God. We make educated decisions on where we think the snow will fall. Thanks in advance for understanding that limitation. :)
  • Roads should have minimal impact. If they get covered, they will clear up quickly tomorrow.
  • The greatest threat for accumulation is still in the Ozarks.
  • WE WILL NEED YOUR REPORTS in the morning. Some will be seeing snow, while others will be seeing rain. 
Here's the map:

Thanks! More updates tonight on Region 8 News.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the update , Ryan. Can't wait to see what happens. ☺

Tara B said...

Awesome, thanks Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Hope it snows and covers

Anonymous said...

Do you think Westside will get out