Sunday, March 06, 2016

Flooding This Week

There will be some flooding this week in Arkansas and Missouri. The challenge is to determine where the greatest risk will be located. At this time, the areas with the greatest impact may be outside of Region 8. Here are my thoughts on Sunday morning:

  • Most of the rain will fall on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Rain chances on Tuesday might be lowered and shifted to Tuesday night.
  • Coverage and intensity will go down Thursday night into next weekend. 
Beyond those thoughts, everything else is up in the air! :) Models have been back and forth on the position of the heaviest rainfall. The general trend has been that the heaviest rainfall will be south and west of the heart of Region 8. I hope that trend continues. 

Something else to consider is the duration. All of this rain is not going to come at once. This is going to be spread out over a few days, even though most of it will fall in the Wednesday-Thursday time frame. This means that we will likely not see "FLASH" flooding, but more of a creek and river flooding event. 

There have been some signs of severe weather, but it's not great enough to be concerned, at this time. I do think we will see some severe weather this month and I think we will have tornadoes in the area this month. That's typical for March, but I wanted to remind you to review your weather safety plans for what may come over the next few weeks.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather!

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