Friday, March 04, 2016

The "Maya Express" Sets Up Next Week

Following the floods of Nashville, TN in May of 2010, a lot of research went into why they had so much rainfall. The floods in Nashville were the result of several factors, but heavy rainfall was one of the contributors (of course). A term that I saw when reading the research was the "Maya Express". One of my long-time mentors, Davis Nolan, reminded me of that setup on Twitter this week. It's a setup that we may see here next week. The "Maya Express" is a pattern that is typically driven by a ridge of high pressure to the east, low pressure to the southwest, and a direct flow from the south to transport deep moisture northward. This pattern draws in deep moisture from the Caribbean, but also from the Eastern Pacific. Here's the pattern for next week. Notice the origin of the deep moisture:

There are still some questions on ow much rain will fall and where it will fall. I think all of Region 8 will see substantial rainfall, but some will get more than others. 

Here's my advice: Enjoy the weekend and get ready for some rain next week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.


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