Monday, March 14, 2016

Proud of Our Team!

I'm very proud of my coworkers. I have not had a chance to watch much of the severe weather coverage from last night, but I've heard a lot of positive comments. That makes me happy!

Typically, I don't take vacation in severe weather season, but our kids are getting older and they are involved in sports that take us out of town from time to time. This weekend, we had a trip planned to Atlanta for AAU basketball.
The Region 8 Storm TEAM knew we were in an active pattern and that there was a chance of severe weather. I had to be out of town and Justin had vacation planned, too. Being that the severe weather hit on Sunday, both of our vacations overlapped and left a small window of time with Rachel by herself. Nature chose to not play nice with our schedule and tornado warnings were issued. Rachel did an awesome job informing Region 8 about the threats. It's very hard to cover severe weather alone, even for an older dude (like me) that has done it for years. Thankfully, Justin was in a position that allowed him to log on to our radar and help cover the severe weather from miles away.  When I realized that this was happening, it made me very proud of our team. Meanwhile, my family was on our way home from Atlanta zig-zagging through TORNADO warnings! That blue circle was our car last night. The red outline is the tornado warning. The "hook" was south of us. I was not comfortable:
It feels good to know that I can leave town and the rest of the crew on our staff can help Region 8 stay informed when severe weather hits.

In case you wondered, Atlanta was AWESOME! I strongly suggest you go sometime, if you have never been. Our team finished 2nd in the AAU Southern Showcase Super Regional. They were 4-2 on the weekend with both losses to a very good team from the Atlanta area. I was so proud they made it to the championship game for their first tournament together.  #8 is our boy:

In addition to basketball, we did a lot of sightseeing. The Coca Cola museum, the Georgia Aquarium, Olympic Park, Sweet Auburn  Market, The Varsity, and end even the subway were big hits with our family! I think we rode the tallest escalator ever when we got off of the subway!

Thank you for putting your faith in the Region 8 Storm TEAM. I hope you have a great week. I'm heading back to work in a couple of hours!


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Diane@Diane's Place said...

I agree! Rachel and Justin did a wonderful job of keeping us informed. I was very confident in their ability to give us all the information we needed to make weather wise decisions. The new weather software and computers worked great too and I know Rachel had to be a little nervous about the first real test on air with potentially life threatening situations. You can be proud of your team and your part in leading them. Thanks for all the weather team does, the ones on camera and the ones behind the scenes that keep everything going.

Di in Bay