Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pocahontas Man Gets National Recognition From NWS (NOAA)

Since 1894, weather observations have been kept in Pocahontas, AR. The above image is from April of 1894, the first month of weather observations on file! For 122 years, we have had an account of the weather from various parts of Region 8 by people that volunteer their time to serve their community. One of those people is Don Waterworth of Pocahontas.

Tomorrow, September 21st, Mr. Waterworth is going to get one of the most prestigious awards given by the National Weather Service (NOAA). It's the Holm Award, given for his efforts as a cooperative weather observer in Pocahontas for over 30 years!

Prior to Mr. Waterworth serving as the cooperative weather observer for Pocahontas, the Benedictine Sisters kept up with the weather observations. In February of 1982, they recorded their last report:

At the bottom of that report, they welcomed Don Waterworth to the cooperative program:

In March of 1982, Mr. Waterworth recorded his first month of observations:

I'd like to personally thank Mr. Waterworth for serving the Region 8 Weather Community. You have greatly helped the weather enterprise!


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Steve said...

Did you see those wild temp spreads in March 82