Wednesday, November 23, 2016

First Alert: Heavy Rain Event Possible

It just stopped raining at my house and now we are looking ahead to the next storm to impact Region 8. Last night we picked up 1.05" at my house and we could see MUCH more Monday Night into Tuesday! Here are my bullet points, as of nowt:

  • Main threat will be flash flooding
  • Severe weather threat is very low.
  • Models are in agreement that SOMEONE will get heavy rainfall, but amounts and locations are still questionable.
  • Timing is Monday Night into Tuesday.
A front is going to hang up across Region 8 early next week and 2 lows will move across the front to give us some heavy rainfall. Data has varying amounts, but all agree that many parts of Region 8 receive a lot of rain. Here are two of the most widely used models showing the rainfall amounts:
 We will watch this storm system closely and give you updates throughout the holiday weekend. Tune in between your feasts! Have a great Thanksgiving! God Bless and be safe! -Ryan

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Anonymous said...

Is the NWS website wrong? It is showing very little rainfall for Jboro the last few days. I am out of town - was there rain and how much?