Friday, December 30, 2016

Snow or Wintry Mix Possible Next Week

We are still 6-7 days out, but I've already started hearing a lot of chatter about the CHANCE of wintry weather next week (January 5th-7th). Here are some bullet points to simplify the information:

  • When it comes to winter storms, nothing is definite.
  • Cold air is coming in on Wednesday.
  • Most data is showing that SOMETHING will happen.
  • Timing is questionable. If you look at our 7-Day Forecast, we officially have a "chance" on Thursday and Friday, but that's mainly because we are not positive on the timing. It will not be a two-day event. 
  • Amounts are questionable. As we all know, it does not take much to impact Region 8, so even light amounts need to be taken seriously.
  • Stay tuned as we fine tune the forecast.
My gut feeling tells me that something will happen. The pattern supports very cold air. The model runs that have showed us being too warm and it being all rain typically have a hard time handling cold air. It's likely for a disturbance will move across Region 8. Timing and amounts are the big question marks. Stay tuned!

Have a Happy New Year's Eve!

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