Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse Is Tomorrow! Will The Weather Cooperate?

We are now within 24 hours of the Solar Eclipse! We are close enough to have better accuracy on cloud cover and some of the high resolution computer models are showing some good news for Region 8. Here are my thoughts on those staying in Region 8 for the partial 95% Eclipse:

  • The eclipse starts at 11:50 and peaks at 1:20.
  • While we may have a few clouds, I feel confident that most of Region 8 will see the eclipse in it's 90-98% eclipse stage.
  • Turn on the clouds (satellite) on your KAIT weather app to keep an eye on clouds.
For those of us travelling to the TOTALITY zone, we really want the (roughly) 2 minutes -/+ of TOTAL 100% ECLIPSE. For that period, we need no cloud obstructions. Here are my thoughts on where to go:
  • Most of us traveling are (or were) thinking about driving up 67 to SEMO. That was my initial plan, but I'm worried about some cirrus clouds.
  • My next thought was to bite the bullet and drive FURTHER east to Hopkinsville, KY. I want to avoid driving TOO far, so I'm going somewhere in between. 
  • We will probably drive to southern Illinois and decide at NOON whether we drive east to Hopkinsville... or just to Calvert City, KY.
  • In other words, we are winging it until the storms form NW of us and we see how far the clouds go SE.
  • I'll try to post updates all day! Tune into KAIT and my social media accounts!
Hopefully the weather cooperates! What are we going to talk about after tomorrow? OH... the cold front on Tuesday!


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