Saturday, December 09, 2017

CHRISTMAS?: Long Range Forecast!

As I type this, we are seeing a chilly morning across Region 8, but it is not "abnormally" cold. In fact, we should be ABOVE average on our highs over the next couple of days before a BRIEF cool down. This map shows the areas that will be "warmer" and "colder" than average. This first map is for Monday:
After the cold front moves through, we briefly see temperatures go BELOW average:
By the weekend, most of the country goes ABOVE average!
So, the overall trend over the next 10 days is above average temperatures, but very dry. Next weekend looks very warm, with some parts of Region 8 near 70:

Also, the 10 day rainfall totals do not look good for those needing rain:
BUT, What about CHRISTMAS? Well, we are still more than 2 weeks out, but there are some signs of a BLAST of cold air, right before Christmas. The GFS model has a big drop in temperatures on the 22nd and 23rd... and even some LIGHT precipitation. The numbers I circled on the right help us determine if the column of the atmosphere can support snow... And if this happened... it could.:

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