Saturday, April 06, 2019

Storms Increase Tonight

First, the daytime hours today will be warm and dry. Get outside and enjoy it! Tonight, the atmosphere becomes more unstable and storms move into Region 8. The main threat tonight will be hail. As always, we can not rule out a tornado. 

First, here's a look at the energy needed for the storms or CAPE. At first, it's all south of Region 8:
But, through the evening hours, the atmosphere becomes more unstable:
During this transition, we will have thunderstorms moving across Region 8. This is what radar could look like around 11:00 PM tonight. Once again, the main threat is hail, but I'm not going to rule out a tornado, so keep your app alerts ON and your location services ON.
Tomorrow, the atmosphere stays unstable for most of the day, but it won't storm all day.. 
 It's one of those days when the storms won't last all day, but what DOES form, could be severe. This is what radar could look like at 11AM:

Stay tuned for APP UPDATES through the day.


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