Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How Much Rain?: November 21-22

As we have been mentioning for several days, we will see rain on Thursday and Friday. Here are my bullet points on this storm:
  • No severe weather from this storm.
  • 1-2" of rainfall likely.
  • Most of the rain falls Thursday night into Friday morning.
  • Breezy both days, 20-25 mph gusts.
  • Gone by Saturday and Sunday.
So, the main question I have been getting from people is, "how much rain will we get?" Generally, the models have been showing 1-2", but some models have occasionally shown more and some  have shown less. Here's a graph showing a couple of runs on 2 of the models: 
All models are showing a swath of higher rainfall amounts across parts of Region 8 and they are in pretty good agreement on it's location. Take a look at this agreement:

Needless to say, we are confident in the rain. Pinpointing the EXACT location of the heaviest rain is the challenge. Keep an umbrella handy!



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