Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Severe Hail Threat: 4/8/2020

I know that I don't blog as much these days with the greater reach being on our app and social media, but I wanted to ease some fears about the severe weather threat for Wednesday night.  Severe weather is going to cause higher anxiety in the months and possibly years to come. We are forecasting a MEDIUM risk of severe weather tomorrow and we are mainly going MEDIUM because of HAIL. We can't ever rule out tornadoes, but our main worry is HAIL.  Bullet points about tomorrow:

  • Small chance of rain during the day.
  • Main threat is after the sun goes down.
  • Some data has the storms hitting as late as midnight. 
  • HAIL is the main threat. Highs winds and lightning are also a threat.
  • While the threat is not zero, the tornado threat is the lowest threat.
Stay weather aware and we will do out best to keep you updated. 


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