Monday, January 03, 2005

Cough It Up Judd!!!

Have you ever taken a drink of water and it goes down the wrong pipe! It's hard to breathe, let alone talk. Unfortunately for Judd, I tried to talk to him while I was doing weather.... right when a gallon of water had flowed into his lungs! In my opinion, it was hilarious! For those that didn't see it LIVE, you can click here and see it. Just click on my morning forecast under "Featured Videos". It happens when I ask him what the weather will be like inside the Super Dome.

I must admit, I had my own moment this morning too. We came out of commercial and I was starting to do the weather update.... Apparently my mouth was a little too moist to speak, so I spit a little as I started to talk. Of course, Tonya and Judd started laughing and I started giggling too. I preceded by saying I would tell you what happened in the blog (so here it is!) Luckily we were showing Tower Cam, so I didn't spit On-Air!

All of these things are stupid and juvenile, but when you are sleep deprived... laughing comes easy! What do you think? Email me you thoughts at . Are we having fun or being stupid? You may say both!

PS- I also overslept an hour this morning! Yep, it's Monday alright!

Have a great day!

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