Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mommy & The Boys

As I promised, here's Mommy and the boys. I'm really having fun spending time with the family. I'm glad I work at a place that allows me to have a nice week or so away to spend with the family, without any arguements.

I'm really a lucky dude! Each year my wife makes me more and more happy to be a part of her life. We are high school sweethearts that met in "Music Appreciation" back in the mid 90s. We went to college together, got married, and here we are today with 2 kids.

She was the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.... then the best wife.... then the best mother of our son.... and now the best best mother of both of our boys and the greatest wife in the world!

As I said, I'm a lucky dude!

For those that are sick of me talking about my family this week.... TOUGH! Just kidding!... I am going to start some new topics over the next few days, including the COLD SNAP that has hit us, and the even colder air that is moving in... If you read the blog before the baby, I hinted at this cold air coming in.... here it is!

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