Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Prattville Tastin' Some Sugar Too!

Hopefully you got to see "The Pride of Prattville" last night in the Sugar Bowl. Prattville High School's marching band have known they were going to the Sugar Bowl long before Auburn knew they were going. These young adults have been practicing and raising money since last summer for their big night in the Big Easy.

This group is quite amazing. I had the opportunity to emcee one of their concerts last year and really came away with a new respect for the band and our younger generation. Not only were they good, but they sounded better than some professional concerts I had heard in the past!

If you remember back in the fall, I featured them on County Road 12. It was one of the best segments we had in 2004, mainly due to the sound and video that came with the story.

A great football team and a great band... It's good to be a Prattvillian!

Now to add on to yesterday's blog post.... If you read yesterday, you know it was quite a Monday. There's another Monday Moment to add to the list:

I accidently spit on the desk

Judd got choked up

I overslept an hour and half

My button popped off my jacket when I took it off!

Luckily there are no bloopers to explain to you today! Anyways, have a great day and feel free to email me at rvaughan@wsfa.com

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