Monday, January 17, 2005

Criticism Into The StormCenter About The Blog!

Well, it took a few days, but I finally got an email from a blogger that doesn't think the blog is up to par. I told you that I am a Fair and Balanced Blogger, so here's the email word-for-word:

Hi Ryan,

I like that story about the Sheriff. He does not want to go out of office and not be known so he is making
sure that everyone remember him when he is gone. It is called 'Making your mark'. And it is working.

Always talk about your family, so they will know you are thinking about them when you are not around.

This is the first time i've seen your page, it seems interesting but it lack real substance.
Focus your toughts and keep all of one subject, together. Don't just fill up the site, fill it with something that
will interest someone besides yourself. Even if it is boring, it may be interesting. Leave it alone, then come back and read your own writing as if you were ME. Family-time, Funny-news-stories, Out-of-the-odinaries-stories, Weird-weather-happenings, Would'nt-you-like-to-knows, Things-outside-my-window, make interesting names for side stories. I like watching you guys, but remember, you can not write the way you talk, it don't look good in print.

I would like to say, I am definitely not a critic, just a linguist. You've got me looking now keep me reading.
-Avid Fan of the Weatherman

After I read it again, I'm not sure if he likes it or hates it? I will say that I am HORRIBLE at English. I am pretty good at math and science though! I guess that's why I do the weather and Judd and Tonya do the news.

For those that are wondering, the blog is anything that's on my mind. It may come across as incoherent rambling from time to time.... but it is, what it is.... a blog! I write conversational (as if I am talking to you) and it occasionally may need to be read more than once. That's just me man.... sorry!

On to something else... If you watched this morning, we were making fun of International Falls, MN for having the slogan "We have what you want". Does anybody want the -44 degree weather they had this morning? Check out their website by clicking here. They also have a section for discount hotels entitled "Hot Deals"! Really?

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