Tuesday, January 18, 2005

TIA Member Leaving, And A Nice Cartoon!

I didn't have any pictures to share this morning, so I posted a nice little cartoon I ran across this week. Anytime I get the forecast wrong (which is SO rare), I can look at this to remind myself that only one can get the forecast right everytime! It's also nice to work for a station that even allows me to post this.... some stations would warn against it!

Anyways, we have a member of the TIA group leaving! Robyn Williams, our producer, decided that she no longer wants to work during the middle of the night, have opposite schedules with her husband, and deal with us idiots (TIA Crew) anymore. Why would anyone want to leave all of that!

Our producers come in several hours earlier than Judd, Tonya, and me. They really have some rough hours! Robyn was a big part of Today In Alabama's expansion to two hours and she will really be missed. All of you should drop her an email at rwilliams@wsfa.com before she leaves (next week) and wish her good luck!

If you missed yesterday's post.... you may want to check it out. I can't decide If this person likes my blog or not? You tell me....

As always, feel free to email me at rvaughan@wsfa.com

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