Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Lookin' In The Mailbag!

If you had the chance to sit behind the camera in the morning, you would crack up at what happens while commercials are on. I try to share as much information as possible, but I don't share everything. If I did, you folks would think we were all just a bunch of idiots that happen to work in front of a camera! I asked in the blog last week if you thought we were having fun or being stupid and here is what a couple of you wrote:

I don't mind y'all having fun on the air. The biggest deal I have with it, is that I don't want the three of you to get into any trouble. Everyone really likes the morning show. So many people like myself depend on it just to get through the morning and get to work! Keep up what y'all are doing, just don't get too "out there".

Hope y'all are here for a long time!


Thanks David!....Don't fool yourself into thinking we have never been in trouble. There was one time that we even had corporate offices breathing down our neck! We do try to watch ourselves though! You never want to make a viewer mad..... they are our customers! It never hurts to keep management happy either! Here's another nice email:

My wife and I enjoy the show each morning. All of you are just great. The light humor adds to the character of the show. The weather is terrific and we sure appreciate the good work.
Keep up the HUMOR we love it. It makes for a better day, especially the honesty.

Don & Nancy

Thanks Don and Nancy! It's always good to hear emails like this. For those that feel otherwise, feel free to email as well. Anything we can do to make the "customer" happy is worth a listen.

Email anytime at . You never know, you might end up on the BLOG!

Have a good day and be careful this morning.... It's FOGGY! Very Pea Soup-like out there!

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