Thursday, January 06, 2005

Trophy Talk

Tonya and Judd lost the trophy again! Look at the smirk on Dr. Sam's face.... he had to be cheating! Oh well... We have all really enjoyed the Trivia challenge that we have with Mix 103. I am glad it is going to be something that will be around for awhile. Apparently many of you like it as well, at least that's what we (and Mix 103) are hearing on the streets. Here's an email I got yesterday about the trophy:

Hello, my name is Marlene. I am new to this. So my question is, How do u hand off the trophy, when u do the trivia question. Can u please explain that? U can e mail me back or just answer it on ur web page. Thank u.

Well, I wrote Marlene back and told her I would ask the producers if I could tell that secret. I asked my producers .... and they said to tell you... "It's Magic".

Hopefully that answers your question! Here's a little insider information for all of you. The trophy actually had to be glued together this week! Let's just say it was the "Judd Factor"! (or the klutz factor, whichever you like best)

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