Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Woodchuck Day!!!

That's right... a groundhog is a male woodchuck that is actually coming up from the ground to mate! Read an article here for more on that. It's quite interesting how the folklore to Groundhog day started and how crazy folks in Punxsutawney, PA get when it comes to this day. Check this website for more on Punxsutawney Phil (the official Groundhog). The site may take awhile because it is been "slammed" with people this morning looking for their "Exclusive" 42 Day Forecast. . . Where No Rodent Looks Farther Into The Future!

In other news, my producer comes in after the show and says I was acting a little "silly" today??? She follows by saying that she meant it in a good way. I knew that she meant it that way, but I gave her a hard time for a few minutes. I told her that I will be sure to be nice and boring tomorrow! She came back into the StormCenter a few minutes later and said that she should have said "funny" instead of "silly". I prefer either word actually... it just means I'm having fun!!!

I do feel exceptionally "chipper" today. Maybe it's because it's Groundhog Day, maybe it's all of the recent exercise, maybe I'm just happy for no reason? Who knows? Maybe it will last into the weekend! Did you notice any difference? Check the weathercast here.

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