Friday, February 04, 2005

I Got A Key!!!

After working in a few television markets, I finally got a key to a city. Not just any key.... but the key to my city, Prattville! Here's how it all got started... About a year ago I found out that Tonya had a key to Prattville. At first it didn't bother me, she deserves it... but I wanted one too! Ever since then, I have joked on-air and off-air about wanting a key to Prattville. I really got going about it when Tonya calls me for directions to downtown Prattville one day. She needed directions and she has a key!!!

I know it's not a "key" to anything, but it is a really cool thing to have at your desk! I need to start promoting and visiting other cities so that I can get a whole keychain full (like my old janitor in high school)!

Speaking of high schools and Prattville... I want to express my views on the mess that happened this week (I can do that because it is MY blog). I live in Prattville, go to church in Prattville, shop in Prattville, live around many of the teens of Prattville, and I frequently attend games and other events at Prattville High School. The tape you saw on the news is not a common site to see come from those young adults. Maybe they were showing off in front of their friends, maybe it was a misunderstanding that went to far, or maybe it was just a lot of bad decisions made at the same time! We all did stupid things when we were teens. I know I did! Let's punish those involved, but immediately turn around and motivate them to make smarter decisions. There's my two cent!

Thanks again to Mayor Byard for the key! It was a nice gift for National Weather Person's Day! (tomorrow)

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