Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Welcome to MOE'S!!!

I've got a good excuse for you and all of your coworkers to head over to Moe's at East Chase for lunch. Our friends from Mix 103 are going to be there collecting money for this year's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. If you have never been to Moe's... you are in for a treat. It's Yummy!

It's an awesome charity to support and it really helps a lot of kids around Alabama. Here's a personal story... Shortly after my oldest son was born, I had the opportunity to visit the Children's Hospital for the first time for a media tour. At first, I was overcome with the sight of seeing babies that were 4 times smaller than my son that has just been born. I saw babies that had so many instruments hooked up to them that you could hardly see their body. I was almost in tears when the doctor that was giving me the tour really put what I was seeing in perspective. She looked at me and said, "The good thing is, most of these babies will grow up to live relatively normal lives". That is what the CMN is all about! It's sad that these kids are in the hospital, but many are treated everyday thanks to all of the folks that support the CMN. Do me a personal favor today? Stop by Moe's, give Dr. Sam some money for the CMN and if you see the Trophy... take it from him!

PS- Tell him Ryan's Blog sent you there! (I wonder if Dr. Sam even knows what a blog is???)

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