Friday, March 04, 2005

Do You Recognize This Father & Son?

The little baby on top of this guy's shoulder will be causing quite a stir on Thursday! Do you know who it is yet? In this picture you are seeing two presidents of the United States of America. Both Georges! The little one is heading to Montgomery on Thursday.

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, having The President come to your city is a cool thing to happen. I personally have not ever seen a "sitting" president in person. I had the opportunity to see George W. Bush when he was campaigning in Kentucky before he was president, but he wasn't The President yet.

It should be a busy day across the city and here at the station throughout the day on Thursday. You can bet we will have EVERY angle covered in the newsroom and every resource dedicated to the visit. I'm really looking forward to seeing our coverage of this event. We here at WSFA always have a good time covering "Big News". If we didn't have a good time, we wouldn't be here!

Get ready for some big time security and road closures in the area of AUM. I have already noticed a big cleanup effort taking place in that part of the town. We want the place to look good!

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