Friday, March 11, 2005

From My Perspective...

Well, I had the opportunity to work for the station at AUM yesterday. The amount of man power and resources that come out of the White House is amazing. Some folks from the station and I took a tour around the setup for the White House Press Pool. You would be shocked at how many wires and equipment go into moving these journalist around the country everyday. These are the journalist that travel with the President, everywhere he goes!

I was also VERY impressed with the Secret Service. These dudes (and dudettes) are serious about their job! All of them are constantly eyeballing every square inch of anyone within eyesight. They continue scanning the entire time. It's cool to watch them work!

Of course it was awesome to see the President speak. I know it will be something I will remember forever. My wife and boys got to see Air Force One fly over the house (coming and leaving). My oldest son thought that was cool!

Later tonight I am going to post some more pictures of the event, including a picture of a teacher that got to take home one of the Presidential Seals that were on the stage. I also have some interesting "behind the scene" pictures from the media (Local & National). I'll post them tonight when I get my compter working correctly!

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