Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You're Mad At The Pumps Too!

I have never had so many people email me about the blog! You guys and gals are mad at the gas stations too! Especially the moms out there! Here are a few of the emails that I got yesterday:

I had to write to let you know I absolutely agree with your pay at the pump issues! I usually have two small children in the minivan when I get gas. To "see the attendant" is not why I pay at the pump. I, too, have been aggravated with the machine being out of paper. By the way, I live in Troy, so the problem doesn't just exit in Montgomery! I think if we boycott all the gas stations with those issues we would eventually run out of places to purchase gas. If gas stations are going to offer the pay at the pump option, it should be operational at all times with paper in the machines! I am not going to leave my children in my vehicle to go visit the attendant! If I wanted to visit the attendant I would have gone inside to pay in the beginning! Maybe some gas station owners will read the blog and shape up! One can only hope! Thanks for the blog and I enjoy watching you, Tonya and Judd in the mornings! I have to say I never thought knowing Tonya in school that she that news would be her thing but she is great at it! Keep up the good work!

Hi Ryan,
I am a loyal “BLOG” reader. What I hate about gas stations is when you pull in to the gas station and someone is coming out of the store to get in their car after they have paid and pumped. Then, they get in the car (mind you , I am waiting for this spot) and it takes them another 5 minutes to get the seat belt on, and do whatever else it is that they are doing. By this time, being the patient person that I am, I have pulled around to another pump, and as soon as I get out, I see them pulling off. What is the deal with that???? How about, get your gas, pay and then leave? Why would you wanna hang around a gas pump for anyway? Why does a gas station have to be a source of frustration? I am already mad because I have to pay these ridiculous gas prices, then to have to deal with gas pump groupies. I feel your pain Ryan.


Hey Ryan!
I feel the same way about those pay at the pumps that are out of paper. It is especially frustrating when you have two small children you have to unload and load back up on the way to work! Thanks for bringing it up on your blog.
By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog and visiting TIA's guys are the greatest! Tell Judd & Tonya I said "Hi".

It's good to hear I am not alone! Thanks for the emails and thanks for reading. Hopefully I won't be complaining in tomorrow's blog!

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