Saturday, May 14, 2005

Good Saturday Morning!

First off, the County Road 12 segment did not air last night because we had A LOT of news on the BRAC information and the area military bases. Therefore you will learn about Geocaching next Friday night! In the meantime, check the link I left in yesterday's blog to find out what Geocaching is all about...

Now to today... We might get some rain over the next 36 hours. I have held off on using the sprinkler in my yard in the hope of seeing some Free Water. My term for rain! Below is the current satellite and radar picture with area temperatures too! (more text below)

Today, rain chances are rather low, but they'll increase a little tonight and tomorrow (Sunday). Tomorrow is Gerber's birthday, so I'll be on the air tonight so that he can hang out with his family. Everyone email Jeff and wish him Happy Birthday at !!!

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Saturday... I hope you plan on doing the same. Feel free to email me at

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