Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Guys Only Show & Some Email

No Tonya today... She was on "assignment". Sometimes that would mean she just has the day off, but not today. She is actually working! I can't tell you where she is today, but let's just say she's "Living For Today"! Over the next couple of weeks you will see exactly what I am talking about. Let's just say we are going to be having a lot of fun!

I got some email from some of you yesterday regarding yesterday's blog. Here are a couple of them:

Hey, Ryan…
I just came across your blog and thought this post was funny, so I thought I’d write. I never say “pop” but I do say “soda”. My grandmother is from Minnesota, and my mom has always said “soda,” which is probably why I say it. My husband makes fun of my Yankee roots! I know Southerners also say “drink” which sounds more like “drank” when you throw in the Southern drawl. I do say “Coke” sometimes, but that is because I only drink Coke, as in, Coca-Cola, because Pepsi is unfit to drink. That’s just my two cents…
Have a great day!

I grew up in Green County, MO - in the southwest part of that state where, it appears people now call it Pop. My grandfather called it "Bellywash". I don't think that response was in the survey.

I am an Alabama transplant living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. There is one soft drink term the map is missing. Most people here call them "soda pops". Sounds goofy to me. Especially since they pronounce the "o" in a funny way. Of course, they are always making fun of the way I talk, and my Southern drawl ain't that strong. My coworkers usually repeat any word I say that has a long "i" sound in it. There are also some Southern sayings like "fixin' to" that they think are funny.

Thanks for the emails, they are very interesting! It's cool to know that people all across the country are reading the BLOG! I'm fixin' to go grab a COKE! As always, feel free to email me at

PS- In college, our friends from the North made fun of "fixin' to" also!

Tease For Tomorrow: 5 month old starts eating cereal! Picture tomorrow!

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