Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sorry the blog is late today... it's been a stressful morning! I thought I had lost a tape for a "County Road 12" segment that airs tomorrow! Not only would I have not had a segment to air tomorrow, but I would have wasted the time of the guys I interviewed. I knew I had brought it in.... I looked on my desk (several times), I looked in the car (several times), I asked my wife to look around the house (several times), and Jeff Gerber and I turned Storm Center 12 inside out (several times)!

I had an even larger problem because I didn't have the tape labeled. Do you know how many tapes are floatting around the newsroom! I found it though.... Since it wasn't labeled (my fault) our morning photojourmalist Darren Gilley *GilleyCam* picked it up to use today. Luckily he heard I was looking for a tape.

So the tape is in my hands and you will get to see a cool little story about the longest running program at the Parattville YMCA tomorrow night... It's called "Elbows For Lunch Bunch". Look for it tomorrow night at 6:00 pm and keep in mind that it almost didn't make it to air! That's your little scoop into WSFA for the day!

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