Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Be Home By Dark...

Did your parents ever tell you to be home when the streetlight comes on for dinner? Well, parents in some parts of Alaska can't use that rule this time of the year. That's because it doesn't get dark this time of the year because of the position of the sun in reference to Earth. While you might like the idea of more daylight in your day, these same areas get mostly darkness in the winter. Not too shabby for you night owls out there! Here's a link to more information about these uneven "days"... Click here

I have found several webcams that you can view to see a live look at Alaska. You can even get a glance at a timelapse of particular areas across the state. To see these webcams click here.

Today is the day I go out and find something out along County Road 12. This week we are taking a peak into some history of Elmore County Tune in Friday at 6:00! As always, feel free to to email me at

PS- I may update the blog later today to comment on the the Today Show's Wedding and more on sharks...we'll see though.

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