Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What Color Is Your Paper?

There is one rule when it comes to picking out my clothes in the morning... don't wear green. Our "weather wall" is green and anything that is green in front of the camera is replaced with whatever is on the weather computer (radar, temperatures, etc). I did not wear green today, but I did write down a weather watcher report on a lime green piece of paper and read it while I was on-air. Needless to say, it looked like I had a hole in my body! (See Photo) If you missed this, check "Ryan's Morning Weathercast" on the homepage of www.wsfa.com under Featured Videos.

In other news, John Heckman was on the show again this morning. You may have noticed that John has joined us from time to time lately. John and Jeff we'll be switching back and forth on that shift, giving us a fun and educational live report in the mornings. This morning, John was at Fire Station 12 showing us the life of a fireman and giving us some helpful tips for the upcoming July 4th weekend. He even went down the pole! (See Photo)

Lastly, I found out this morning that the latest shark attack victim is from my old stomping grounds near Nashville. He is from Lebanon, TN which is a suburb of Nashville. I pray that this kid makes a healthy recovery. The doctor said on the Today Show this morning that he is in stable condition and that they have more surgery to perform today. He has already had his leg amputated, but at least he is still alive. I still believe that the beach and Gulf of Mexico is not dangerous... unless you put yourself in a dangerous situation.

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