Saturday, June 25, 2005

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Last weekend, we had another great time at the beach. This weekend I am officially labeling as the "do as little as possible" weekend. Over the past several weeks we have traveled or had a lot of plans. This weekend I have nothing "planned"... with the exception of church.

I am going to just sit around the house and play with the kids and enjoy time with my wife. Everyone needs to do that every now and then. Turn off the ringer, the TV, and video games and have some family time.

We got to actually rent some movies this weekend! We watched "Hitch" last night and I literally have pains in my side from laughing! The sad part of watching the movie was that I can relate many of my friends to some of the guys featured as "Hitch's" clients.

Anywho, If you missed "County Road 12" last night, you'll want to check the video link on our homepage. I really had a good time (as you will see) spending the day out at the 4H Camp in Columbiana. I saw first hand that our younger generation is doing just fine!

As always, feel free to email me at Have a great Saturday!!!

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