Friday, June 24, 2005


I love Friday. Everyone is in a better mood and it is the last day to work this week! Last week we had someone in the newsroom bring back some BIG tomatoes from the Slocomb Tomato Festival and hopefully someone will bring some peaches in next week from the Chilton County Peach Festival! The Festival is this weekend and if you want more information on this year's festival click here!

We have a hazy day today, but it will not be as bad as what the folks out West are dealing with! I told you this morning that I would post and interesting link that shows where fires and smoke plumes are located. Here's the link... Click here. Notice the small fires in Alabama too!

Finally this morning... If you ever think that we act crazy on-air (or off-air!), then you need to checkout this weatherman that worked in Charlotte. Click here for the video link. If you want, you can google search for more clips of this guy. This is the only one that felt was "clean" enough to be posted on the blog!

I'm off to go edit "County Road 12". If you want to see a grown man go down a zip line, then tune in tonight at 6:00! It should be a nice story about some good kids in our area!

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