Tuesday, June 07, 2005

He Can Coach, But Can He Forecast?

This is a "fake" picture of Coach Tuberville as a WSFA Storm TEAM 12 member, but I wonder if he would really come in one morning to be the guest weatherman? He would NOT be the first coach to take on this challenge! Coach Mike Leach of Texas Tech served as the weatherman at a local station in Texas. It was great! I would welcome ANY coach from the area colleges to come deliver the 7 day forecast. Any takes? Shula, Coe, Blakeney??? Where are you at? Here's a video link to Coach Mike Leach delivering the forecast in Texas: Meteorologist / Coach Mike Leach
If you work with any of the coaches, make sure they know the challenge has been presented for them.

In other news. . . My Queen is out of town, but I still ate like a King last night. A couple from Sunday school had me over for Steak! It might have been the best steak I have eaten in a long time! Tonight I am going to cook my own dinner... should be interesting!

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