Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OH NO! Not The Big H.... and "into"!

That big "H" beside me could stand for HOT! We're going up to 93 today and 95 tomorrow. Get ready... we have a few more months of this! I do have a GREAT idea to stay cool! Some kids from "Alex's Lemonade Stand" will be selling lemonade at Auburn University Montgomery today near Goodwyn Hall. All of the money raised goes to support research for Pediatric Cancer. I'm not going to call names, but there are A LOT of offices near AUM that can go grab a glass of lemonade for a good cause. Here's a link to find out how you can help or have your own lemonade stand to raise money:
Alex's Lemonade Stand

One last note before I go....
I have never been great at English. For those that have read the blog already know this, but I still am not completely sure I am wrong in regards to this email I got this morning. Here it is:

Want to have some fun? Here is a game we play at my house - how many times will Ryan say "into" during his forecast. The record so far is 11. It's not raining "in" Auburn, it's raining "into" Auburn. It's not 95 degrees in Prattville. It's 95 "into" Prattville. And so on and so on. It's fun to see the creative and strange places that the word into can be used. Is this something they teach in weather school.
-Nancy Blackmon

Here is the defintion at

1. To the inside or interior of: went into the house.
2. a--- To the activity or occupation of: recent college graduates who go into banking.
b--- To the condition, state, or form of: dishes breaking into pieces; changed into a butterfly.
c--- So as to be in or be included in: parties entering into an agreement; wrote a new character into the play.
d--- Informal. Interested in or involved with: They are into vegetarianism.
3. To a point within the limits of a period of time or extent of space: well into the week.
4. In the direction of; toward: looked into the distance; pointed into the sky.
5. Against: crashed into a tree.
6. As a divisor of: The number 3 goes into 9 three times.

I'm not the best at English, BUT am I using the term as described in #4? Who knows? Thanks for the email Nancy! You are probably correct in the fact that I say "into" too much. I'll work on that....

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