Monday, July 18, 2005

Movie Review!

Well when you have kids, it takes 3 hours to watch an 1 1/2 hour movie! We had our oldest son watching his movie (The Incredibles) in the other room while we watched "Be Cool". Parents out there know that kids can't sit still, so he was constantly running into the living room. Every time he came in... we paused the movie. Three hours later we finished. My wife and I loved the movie! I came into work talking about it this morning, and Tonya says she didn't like the movie... I guess you'll have to rent it and see for yourself!

I saw another good movie this weekend too. National Treasure with Nicholas Cage was also a good one... Lots of action and a bunch of twists and turns. We never go to the movie theater now that we have kids, so we are always late to see the "latest movies". By the time we see them, they have already won awards.

This post is dedicated to all our friends that will be having kids for the first time in the next year. Your life will change and it will take longer to do many of the things you take for granted, but it is SO WORTH IT! Congrats to all of you future parents! You will soon know how awesome it is to be a mom or dad....

For those that are already parents... take 12 hours out of your day and rent "Be Cool" and "National Treasure". They get the "Vaughan" thumbs up!

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PS- did anyone notice who stars in the movie pictured above! Actually, John Travolta is in the movie, and yes there is a dancing scene...

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