Thursday, July 21, 2005

Settle Down Beavis!

Well it looks like some weather guys down in Miami let their temper get the best of them! Here's an email that was sent to the National Weather Service office:

WSVN Miami 7 News Meteorologist Tom Johnston was fired late yesterday following a physical fight with fellow weatherman Jonathan Novack in the weather office, according to some very close sources. Apparently the two went at it over vacation days and Tom grabbed Jonathan by the neck. Tom was fired, his bio removed from the website last night. Jonathan is the new weekend weathercaster. He was not seriously hurt.

Here's another account that was posted on a media website yesterday:

Miami insiders tell FTVLive about a fight that broke out in the weather department. Word is that Weekend Nighttime weather guy Tom Johnston was fired from WSVN yesterday after getting into a fight with the weekend morning weather guy, Jonathan Novak It happened on Saturday afternoon around 4 or 5pm... details are still sketchy as to what went down., but one source says that Johnston wiped the floor with Novak over what they hear could have been some sort of scheduling conflict. Others say Novak simply got tired of Johnston hassling him and treating him like a child and confronted him in the weather office. Sources say that fists started to fly sometime after 4pm on Sunday. One source says that Novak comes running into the newsroom screaming something like "Look what he did, he just attacked me"... or something like that. The Executive Producer intervenes and one of the producers starts taking pictures of Novak's ripped shirt with their cellphone. Johnston was booted and taken off the station's website and all promos with him in them have been pulled.

Wow! It's hard to imagine a fight breaking out in the newsroom of WSFA. Our boss is tough... she would likely give all involved a black eye! Hopefully Gerber remembers this story when he tries to make me work on my anniversary next week. I'd hate to hurt him! Ha!

On the surface, this story is funny.... BUT, we need to keep in mind that somebody is without a job this morning. It shows us that we all need to watch our temper. With that said, go run down the hallway at work and give everyone a high five!

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PS- I have found some bloopers from The Weather Channel... I'll post the link tomorrow hopefully. Also, the shuttle may be launching on Tuesday! We'll be talking more about that in the next few days too!

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